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Bilhares Xavigil


DYNAMIC and INNOVATIVE company, created in 1977.

Then comes the creation of a high quality service, because the efficiency and speed of service requirements are among the most appreciated by customers.

From the beginning, XAVIGIL has given special attention to innovative projects through experimenting with design and searching for new technical solutions, using innovative materials.

From the end of the 1990s, with the creation of a definitive company organization, XAVIGIL started to follow a different path and attract new customers who were particularly attentive to the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics linked to innovation in a different design on tables. billiards.

The new millennium has opened the door to an increasingly global and competitive market, but XAVIGIL has confirmed its leadership position thanks to its inspiring principles that today are distinguished from other brands.


Original products recognizable due to their simple characteristics, their versatile nature in configurations and continuous focus on the need to combine quality with innovation;

The consistency of the XAVIGIL product promotes greater freedom of expression for its creators. This creativity, however, must follow a common path of formal minimalism, which is the distinguishing feature while guaranteeing the credibility of the entire product range.


For XAVIGIL, the revolution in the means of expression and tools is a continuous stimulus and creative potential for communication, increasingly effective in our product philosophy and in the values ​​we believe in.

Currently, XAVIGIL comprises a team led by motivated people who are fully involved in Development Programs: The strategies, analyzed by the owners, are only applied after careful collaboration with the various stakeholders in the company.

This permanent search for team spirit, which is used to face as many challenges as possible, makes us excited and more focused on the importance of a global presence in the market. At XAVIGIL we are concerned with expanding the differentiated offer tailored to each client, so all of our pool tables are 100% modular.

It was formed in this way a consistent design company, responding to the same philosophy of production, characterized by modularity, the quality of all the products it sells, a stylish product that creates a sober atmosphere, addressed to all of our customers looking for solutions ad equadas to your space.

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